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White sangria

White sangria

White Sangria Recipe by of 08-07-2017 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

There White sangria is the clear variant of the more classic red sangria, the traditional Spanish drink. Prepared with fresh fruit, sugar and spices, prosecco is used instead of red wine. I had never tried the before today white recipe of this drink, I must say that I really liked it a lot and that I find it a very valid version of the best known sangria! If you are a lover of the genre you must definitely try it, maybe not during the lunch break as Ivano did, who afterwards didn't really want to go back to work: D
I prepared it to accompany yesterday's Galician octopus and the combination of the two dishes was more than apt: P Have a good day friends, I'm enjoying a few days at sea with my loves, basins to those who pass by here ; *


How to make white sangria

Clean the fruit and cut it into pieces, leaving the orange peel and lemon.
Then transfer it to a large bowl.

Add the sugar, spices and vodka and mix.
Leave to rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Now put the cold prosecco on and mix. let it rest, at least 1 in the refrigerator, before serving.

Your white sangria is ready to be served.

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